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A thick soup made of beef, shank bones, and knucklebones gently simmered for hours

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As cold weather makes people feel small in the winter, many people would like a warm soup that can soothe their body and mind. Beef broth soup, or gomtang (곰탕), is one such dish that can boost one’s energy and strengthen stamina, not to mention the fact that it’s tasty and nutritious.

To make the dish, you need to boil various parts of a cow in a big pot and boil it with water for many hours. It doesn't require any fancy cooking. When various parts of the cow are boiled for more than 10 hours, however, a deep taste and nutrition from the meat will add more flavor to the soup. The soup doesn't have any unique taste, as it's not sweet, salty, sour, bitter or spicy. However, the soup generates the rich, pure flavor of beef.

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Came here last night on a friend's suggestion. Man, was this place cool.
Bibimbap for me and ox knee soup for my homie. Freaking amazing.
Sonnee, the waitress was HILARIOUS and very gracious.
Cool spot, coming back.

- Warren W. Burlingame, CA
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